Holidays Fico d'India was born in 2005.

The beauty of the home, which was inherited from the owners grandparents, was the starting point for the new design, keeping one objective in mind: to maintain intact the Mediterranean atmosphere that has always characterized the coast while recuperating antic traditions of the Campagne region. The care of the gardens, rich with exotic plants, lemon and orange trees, shows the love that the new owners have for their property.

The choice of names was not difficult. "Fico d'India" or the prickly pear cactus is a plant that characterizes the Amalfi Coast and most all of Furore.

Holidays Fico d'India is positioned overhanging the Sea, along the Walloon named " Vottara " that joins the sea at " Fiordo di Furore " , just 6 km from Amalfi center and 14 km from Positano.

Holidays Fico d'India permits its guests to enjoy the double image of the coast, one side is characterized with the perfumes and sounds of the wild, rocky surroundings, the other side is the tradition of the warm and friendly hospitality.

The Fiordo of Furore

The Fiordo of Furore, or Fiord of Furore, has always been the heart of Furore.

A big part of the economy of the town is built upon fishing. For this purpose the "Monazzeni", which are houses for the fisherman, were born

Along with the proceeds from fishing, the people of Furore added what could be farmed or cultivated, even though they were of small quantities, they were very productive. The hot climate favored cultivation of many different vegetables : tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, wine grapes and the spontaneous growth of olives, citrus fruit such as lemons and oranges, and many different kinds of herbs. Thus the " Insertata " was born, which was a way to conserve tomatoes in the summer as well in the winter seasons.

Great care was put into making olive oil and wine . Everything is kept in the " Cellaria " a cantina located on the first floor of the house.

Also the inhabitants were, and still are today, specialized in the production of oils and ointments made from the wild native plants in which the rocks were rich with.

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